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goodbadgirl read the news this morning, and she is shocked. Shocked!

"Kate Moss is my friend ... I think it's like everybody is being bad to her"

A) Models do coke?!?! OMG, I totally had no idea. It's like everybody is being bad to their body to be skinny and stuff! Next you'll tell me Liz Hurley is cranky from lack of protein! Oh my god!

B) In other "News..." Anyone know anything about that Osama Bin Laden guy? We still lookin' for him on account of 9/11 and stuff? No? Don't know? Any ideas about that Downing Street Memo and the fabricated reasons for dragging us into a nightmarish quagmire that is absolutely draining every last cent which we totally don't need in case of catastrophic natural disasters, huh? No. Okay.

C) Kate Moss: The New Evil Doer. She's way prettier than Kim Jong-il and we think W. stands a chance against her because they have the same dealer.

Sweet dreams Metropolis. Continue singing the "It's Ok" song until you fall asleep or score some blow. If you score some blow call me -I'm working on my figure.

(QWP, in its entirety, from a locked entry)

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