Maus (furrymouse) wrote in metaquotes,

So, while reading her Jewish bible for her 'Hebrew Scriptures' class, rez_paprika imagined the following discussion;

GOD: Keep all my laws and you shall be my most treasured~

MOSES: Uh...excuse me?

GOD: (sigh) What now?

MOSES: Could you repeat the last thing you said?

GOD: What last thing? The thing about the sacrifices or the thing about the Taburnacle?

MOSES: The thing about the cubits.

GOD: Oh, for~ Damn it, that was half an hour ago! If you had a question why didn't you stop and ask me?!

MOSES: seemed to be enjoying yourself and you were on a roll, I really didn't want to break your concentration.

GOD: ... 'Get a dog' Anubis said 'They're loyal and follow instructions better than any human.' But NOOOOO I had to go out and save a nation!

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