Komodo Dragon Expert (calieber) wrote in metaquotes,
Komodo Dragon Expert

I feel the same way, though for slightly different reasons

My poor girlfriend, porceain72, had a job interview:

for once I was asked a unique question: "If you were an animal, what would you be?" Yes, they really asked me that, I asked her to repeat it because I thought I didn't hear correctly. I answered a cat, and said it was because I'm self-reliant and I don't have to be watched all the time. Yep, pulled that one RIGHT OUT OF MY ASS. I'm guessing "snake" or "Madagascar hissing cockroach" would have been an incorrect answer, though it would have been funny to see the look on the interviewer's face if I had said that.

The whole thing's hilarious, but you can't read it it's locked. QWP.

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