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Crazy Gas Station Happenings

From an AIM conversation between yougouptown (who is an attendant at a gas station where this story takes place) and myself which she was good enough to post on her LJ at my request: ((Chat names have been changed to protect those whom I was too lazy to ask for permission from))

"yougouptown (11:46:04 PM): alright so i'm at work yesterday
yougouptown (11:46:10 PM): one of my regulars comes in
yougouptown (11:46:19 PM): he's 65 and a decent guy
yougouptown (11:46:32 PM): well we're talking and talking and talking and all the sudden he says
yougouptown (11:46:42 PM): "i bet you'd be an angel in bed"
yougouptown (11:46:53 PM): this is based on the hugs i give him


"yougouptown (11:48:23 PM): so this trucker comes in later
yougouptown (11:48:27 PM): oh yeah
Raldage (11:48:30 PM): *holds back*
yougouptown (11:48:36 PM): and we're talking
yougouptown (11:48:43 PM): and i was telling him how i'm at work all teh time
yougouptown (11:48:50 PM): and he asks me how my bf feels about that
yougouptown(11:48:55 PM): and i proceed to tell him i don't have one
Raldage (11:49:03 PM): *snicker*
Raldage (11:49:10 PM): *waits*
yougouptown (11:49:22 PM): and somehow the conversation turns to the porn we sell
yougouptown (11:49:39 PM): and he asks me about a price for one and i said he'd have to let me look at it for the price
yougouptown (11:49:47 PM): and then he says you don't want to look at these
Raldage (11:49:53 PM): LoL
yougouptown (11:49:55 PM): and i said no, but i need the barcode
yougouptown (11:50:24 PM): so then we talk about why i don't like the idea of 2 girls and how he likes 2 girls and a guy alright but 2 guys and a girl won't fly with him
yougouptown (11:50:35 PM): so i text astridsdream "today must be a sex day for me"
yougouptown (11:50:38 PM): and she dies at work
Raldage (11:50:45 PM): LoL

The whole post can be seen here

Most important: I beat astridsdream to posting this here :)


-Mr. Money

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