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From my friends list:


Why Chaucer is funny:

And ther his sorwes that he spared hadde
He yaf an issue large, and "Deth!" he criede;
And in his throwes frenetik and madde
He corseth Jove, Appollo, and ek Cupide;
He corseth Ceres, Bacus, and Cipride,
His burth, hymself, and ek nature,
And, save his lady, every creature.

To bedde he goth, and walwith ther and torneth
In furie, as doth he Ixion in helle,
And in this wise he neigh til day sojorneth.
And tho bigan his herte a lite unswelle...


Troilus stormed into his room, and finally broke down. "Death!" he cried, and threw a bit of a tanty. Then he cursed lots of dudes, and wished he was NEVER BORN!

Then he turned up his stereo really loud and played some Evanescence, and then some Simple Plan, and cried a bit about Criseyde into his pillow, and was angry at the whole world, which really didn't understand HIS PAIN.

Then he went to bed, and when he got up he felt a bit better, so he went downstairs and his mum made him a bowl of cereal, and he sat and watched cartoons all day.

Yes, I'm 'working' on my Chaucer essay, why do you ask?

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