same planet, different world (lookingforwater) wrote in metaquotes,
same planet, different world

On the origin of man...

From the churchoferik community.

...we agreed that obviously women came before men, theologically and biologically, and she observed that of course we all come from the Giant Spaghetti Monster, with which I had to agree. So women came first of humans, but the Giant Spaghetti Monster came first above all.

But obviously Erik comes above all else, and he's male, so that screws up my feminist theology.

Of course Jerrod Hogle points out that Leroux presents Erik as having androgynous qualities (the siren in the lake, etc), so I suppose I'll just have to see his Divine Presence as being beyond gender.

Phans, eh?

I'm one, so it's okay if I make fun...

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