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Zelda and opera

*giggles* This is from mithrigil, who is really damn cool:

While watching the opera again this afternoon, in the music library, I found a Zelda theme in Berg's music. During the lament-interlude between Act III scenes 4 and 5, the orchestra erupts with a discernible melody of B-A-A-D-B-A-F, the first two as quarter notes, the next four eigths, the last a quarter.

Nocturne of Shadow, Zelda OoT. [I believe you play it as L-R-R-A-L-R-D.]
I expect that Kondo came up with it independently, rather than crib from a German Expressionist, but its connection as a death figure suggests that it might be a trope. I wonder if it's used elsewhere. I mean, I doubt it was a melody any time before 1850 (that tritone), but Puccini or one of his contemporaries might have snuck it in somewhere. If you stack those notes up, it's also the Madama Butterfly chord. It can be spelled as either a minor chord plus a major 6 [DFAB], or a half-diminished (Transposed Tristan!) chord [BDFA], if we're talking function.

Anyone seen that melody elsewhere?

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