just call me Rohan Stan, the Jelly Man (a_hollow_year) wrote in metaquotes,
just call me Rohan Stan, the Jelly Man

"He'd make a damn fine robot, except that Brent Spiner wouldn't be allowed to play him."

erythros waxes vitriolic all over modern reading habits:
Anyway, this being the MTV generation, people are picking up novels wherein the author ASSAULTS you with wretched bits of prose like "Harry Hero, the suave handsome American professor of ebonics at a world-renowned university, stared around at the Louvre exhibit hall, where several noted masterpieces were on display." First of all, RETARDED. Second of all, if he's American, he's already suave and handsome, so those are two redundant adjectives right there. Thirdly, that's four discrete clauses, and only two people can handle those kinds of loaded sentences: Victor Hugo and Tom Wolfe. Since only I am either of those two fine writers, YOU (YOU being Dan Brown and every other stupid author I disapprove of) are not allowed to pile your sentences with more than - let's be generous - two parts.

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