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Pirate Radio

More Fandom High quotes! Because it's eaten my life.

bluemanoncampus (Beast): And I know what you're thinking: Maybe he's born with it; maybe it's Maybelline.
emo_padawan (Anakin): Padmé agreed to hold onto my lightsaber for me keep my lightsaber at her place, dammit. There's just no way to make that sentence not sound like some kind of horrifying Jedi euphamism for sex.
fandom_radio (from the Fandom High Pirate Radio station): Then thar be ZOMBIES. Shiver me timbers.
And my current favourite, that set me giggling after five hours of fighting the undead:
swedish_chef_: I hefe-a delt veet zumbeees beffure-a oor du yuoo furget zee zumbeee-a messecre-a in Uteh in zee 80's. Und yuoo thuooght zeey vere-a joost Murmuns! Vell, ve'll be-a reedy fur zeem.

He gets out of bed and digs around in his closet for a bit before taking out a giant axe.

Breeng it oon! Bork Bork Bork!

There's also a community for the best of Fandom High: fandom_quotes.

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