lizey (lizey) wrote in metaquotes,

Meta-metas! (double points to takhisis for being the original meta-maker)

The classics geeks get started on hurricane names.

takhisis: Tropical Depression Orpheus has turned back in its path and is now dissipating, but Hurricane Oedipus is still headed for the coast and looks like it's gonna be one motherf$#er of a storm!

topknot: And Hurricane Oedipus seems bound and determined to out-do the destruction wrought by its predecessor, Hurricane Electra.

kristiangrrl: ABC News is happy to report that we have blinded Hurricane Oedipus; I repeat, we have blinded Hurricane Oedipus.

few hours later

Hurricane Oedipus is stumbling through, hitting all the coastal ports because it can't figure out which was its original target. We're sending Hurricane Seeing-Eye Dog to lead it back to the Caribbean; we don't care much about them anyway.

cosmorific: Hurricane Lysistrata has announced that unless we end the war in Iraq, it's not going to blow us.

...oh, wait.

kristiangrrl: Hurricane Agamemnon has decided to defy the National Weather Service and try to survive by attacking targets in the Dust Bowl. Thus, a hurricane warning is in effect for Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Kentucky, and Tennessee.

cosmorific: Hurricane Hera wants to know where Tropical Manwhore Storm Zeus is, and will not let up until he it is located.

kristiangrrl: In other news, Hurricane Athena has sprung from the winds heading up Hurricane Zeus, and it is hurling olive trees in the direction of Athens.

squeeful: Hurricane Icarus soared too close to the Sunbelt and is now set to come crashing down on the Eastern Seaboard.

zanmistoffelees: Hurricane Iphigenia has been nearing Florida, the apparent Achilles Heel of the US, but oh wait, it's just been struck down by Hurricane Agamemmnon.

And please ignore our warnings about Hurricane Cassandra. This hurricane actually does not exist, our radars tell us.

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