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Kind of full circle, no?

Edit: For those of you who still don't know, kielle (aka: _redpanda_) passed away last night. She was the founder of this community. That's the reason for this post, sorry if it was unclear.

Looking through the archives, I found metaquotes first post ever. It seemed fitting to re-quote it, given the circumstances. If this is inappropiate, I'll delete it.

Originally posted by metaquotes:

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Kicking off the community here...I think we should try to stick to three or less quotes per post in future, but seeing as this is the very first post I get to break the rules. HEEHEEHEE! Anyhow, onward...

I think the same stories get told and retold because there is an endless appetite for them. Some stories will always fill a need. There will always be a demand. And certain basic plots have a kind of resonance, which is why we're constantly revisiting them.
That said, eight seasons of "Full House" was really seven seasons too many.
-- taraljc

Ken bought me a NEW canner the other day, it's about 400 times bigger than the old one, can pressure-cook a whole mule intact, I'm thinking. It's...friggin' huge. Takes four days to come up to boiling speed, but once it gets there, STAND BACK! IT'S BEANS FOR EVERY MAN WOMAN AND CHILD ON THE PLANET!
-- cocoajava

finnystix: Wearing headphones for just an hour will increase the number of bacteria in your ear by 700 times. And my friends ask me why I refuse to let them wear my headphones.
mordecai: ...that's not good because I wore my headphones yesterday for about sixteen hours straight. *takes off headphones and finds ears attached to them* SHIT.

I feel kinda like Psylocke, except that I'm not as tall, not as British, not as Japanese, not as mutated, not as dead and I'm three-dimensional. So I guess I don't feel like Psylocke at all.
-- dandelion

Completely alone for an entire week. By the time I get home, I will love myself or be talking to my hand cleverly disguised to look like the leader of my home planet.
-- tangletoy

And because no quote listing is complete without one from Ann:

I found a roll of Regal Crown Tangerine Sours. Judging from the price sticker, I think it's from an O'Hare newsstand. I haven't been through O'Hare since...1999? The candy is good, if a bit sticky. Maybe it's from Minneapolis or St. Louis.
::suddenly dies of food poisoning::
That's fair.
-- annlarimer

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