Idealist Trapped in a Cynical World (paradisacorbasi) wrote in metaquotes,
Idealist Trapped in a Cynical World

Not meta. But she was never a big believer in rules stickling anyway.

But it seems improper to not mention it on the place she founded.

kielle aka _redpanda_
10-22-1972 - 9-22-2005


First, since people have asked, Kielle was diagnosed earlier this month with colon cancer. She had the surgery and came out the other side. She was seeming to recover, but then took a turn for the worse. The end came swiftly thereafter. Her husband posted at 3 in the afternoon his time, and then posted she had gone on around 11 the same night.

Second, since the mod has asked, I have post-dated the entry so it stays on top. I have chosen the date of October 22, 2005 for several reasons.

It's kielle's birthday.
It's her husband's birthday.
And it will be the day of her wake.

Her husband says they are looking forward to seeing what kind of crowd turns up and out to sing her onward. I'm not sure I can swing it yet, but I dearly want to.

ETA 2:

Remembering Kielle is a message board for links and such for people to indicate they remember the woman known across fandoms, across the internets.

I call her loss the Netquake.
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