Si appellem me mendacem, mentiarne? (apiphile) wrote in metaquotes,
Si appellem me mendacem, mentiarne?

"That's just going to lead to more Andrew Lloyd Webber productions. And really, who wants that?"

As you've probably seen elsewhere on your friends page, former cardinal Joseph Ratzinger (as I like to call him) is issuing a hardline directive banning gays from the priesthood. It's a bit like banning gays from musical theatre, isn't it?

The move is seen as part of Ratzinger's efforts to clean up my church's image in light of the paedophile scandal. Which is a bit like invading a secular country because religious fundamentalists knocked down your skyscrapers. Evidently Ratzi believes that gay priests are harbouring weapons of ass destruction.
- wheeler gets so narked by this leap of illogic that he resorts to puns here.

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