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From a locked post, quoted with permission.

eljuno is late for class.

Professor: [Juno], why are you late for class?
Juno: Kid walked up to me on the street and started a random conversation about Damon Albarn. You know, lead singer of Blur?
Student: Hey, they're the ones that did that 'Woo woo' song, right?
Professor: Er...
Juno: I want to say he was autistic or something, too. He seemed like it. Flat affect, you know. The lot.
Professor: Um.
Juno: He thinks that Blur's better than the Gorillaz, for the record, but Blur hasn't been as good since Graham left.
Professor: *Nervous laughter*
Juno: ...Okay, look, if I was making up bullshit excuses, don't you think I'd go for something a LITTLE less...whatever?

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