Sunfell (sunfell) wrote in metaquotes,

Nigerian scam boomerang

In this hilarious post, NOLA evacuee kellcrow7 gets her own back against one of those 'Afri-Spammers':

In reference to your proposal; as I have absolutely no access to
my bank account or any riches that I may have stashed in and
around my home, and the only funds of which I have access at the
moment is the emergency relief check I received from a
governmental benefactor; shall I just sign the entire thing over
to you now? Or would you prefer That I cash it here in the
states, and send you an anonymous money order? May I keep $25
bucks out of it, for food and bus fare? Or would that be
underhanded and selfish of me? I will wait for your reaction and
response by return email to STRICTLY ke******7@y*** and
then together we can jumpstart this project and nurture it to
reality. I await your urgent reaction.

Yours Sincerely,
K. Crow

I'm looking forward to the spammer's 'urgent reaction' myself...

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