that guy could eat a football (fmith) wrote in metaquotes,
that guy could eat a football

Also, a while ago I remembered a song I wrote when I was six.

Mabel, Mabel, come set the table
Somebody wants to have tea with me
Mable, Mabel, don't set the table
Nobody wants to have tea with me.

It had a tune and everything. My music teacher made me teach it to the class, as I recall.
Nearly eleven years of moping later and it's still the most emo thing I've ever written. I mean, come on, "nobody wants to have tea with me"? It's like the first grade equivalent of OH WOE IS ME MY LIFE IS BLEAK I AM GOING TO GO LISTEN TO ELLIOTT SMITH AND CRY.

-- ishyface (Locked post, quoted with permission.)

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