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Pretty Soon He's Going to Demand We Call Him "The Artist Formerly Known As Steve"

saltyliquorice, in a f-locked post in stfugerard:

...and he'll sign all his autographs with a symbol that's an amalgam of an X, O and G.

YOU KNOW HOW HE ALWAYS SIGNS THINGS "xoxog"? gerard, it's not like you had throngs of rabid follows so intent on touching your man-flesh that you couldn't take the 5 extra seconds to actually SPELL out your damn name. i know, you're tired, there's a whole complimentary case of Little Debbie oatmeal pies back on the tour bus, and you desperately need to catch up on your Everquest gaming, but COME ON! i shelled out 20 bucks to see your sorry ass. the least you could do was throw some vowels in there somewhere. take a cue from frank, literary genius. he may be pocket sized, but at least his signature doesn't make you look like a brain-damaged down syndrome kid when you try to pronounce it.

(That would be Gerard from My Chemical Romance, by the way)

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