~IO~ (wanderingio) wrote in metaquotes,

~Bad Plumbing~

This is my first time quoting here. (Sorry about screwing it up earlier.) Enjoy!

First off the toilet has overflowed 7 of the last 14 days and 5 of the other days someone wet the bed. Unfortunately the 2 free days were in a row so I thought I was out of the woods and I had the laundry caught up.

Effing hell.

I heard screams and ran to the bathrom to see a ~GEYSER~ of water coming out of the toilet.

The kids thought it was hysterical when I turned purple and commenced to weave "a tapestry of profanity which to this day is still hovering somewhere over Lake Michigan."

Effing hell.

2 loads of towels later and a floor I need to bleach.

No one wipes their ass in this house unless given permission.

All flushes post shit will be supervised.

Effing hell.

Quoted from latitude_mama with permission.

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