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Actually yes, you can...

In this thread about sexual misinformation in bad_sex, bk_73 comments about a sex education lesson which produced unexpected information. Too good not to share...

Back whenever I was in the tenth grade, we were covering STD's in Health class. Typical stuff really...You can pass along things like herpes and HIV/AIDS through oral OR vaginal intercourse.

Ordinarily, this wouldn't be so hilarious...But, considering one girl in my class, who was a very religious and studious type (definitely not the kind of person one would ever expect to have had any sort of sexual contact at 15) proclaimed out loud after the teacher told the class that it is indeed possible to pass along HIV/AIDS through unprotected oral sex:

"OH MY GOD! You can get AIDS from giving HEAD!? Why didn't anyone TELL ME? Does it make a difference if you swallow?"

It only took about five seconds for her to realize what it was she had just admitted, and before she could turn about 27 different shades of red, the entire class (teacher included) were bowled over in laughter.

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