Lizzie Silver (lizziesilver) wrote in metaquotes,
Lizzie Silver

For Science!

zanovar just conducted a psychological experiment on himself. Cut for length and language.

Aim: To test the emotional reaction of an exclusively heterosexual male subject, hereafter referred to as Chris or the subject, to gay slash fiction.

[...] This study did not receive approval from the ethics committee.

[...] The subject's emotional responses to the slash texts was sufficient to reject the null hypothesis (P=0.0000000001). The inability of any of the stories to elicit true disgust may be due to the fact that the subject was a medical student. The subject has also been described by medical professionals (A nurse) as being “A sick fuck.” Therefore further tests involving commerce students will be needed to test whether slash can elicit disgust in a reader.

[...] Further experiments involving people who have been living under a rock in a cave on Mars will be needed to test whether humour is the result of contradicting canon or the inherent funniness of Harry/Snape pairings.

Go on, read the whole thing. It's not a bad research design, even if the sample size is a little on the small side. :D

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