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The Ronin

flemco talks about reading HP:HBP here...

Read HP:HBP the other night. It was.....

I don't like how Rowling's writing style has matured. For one thing, she's started blocking each scene like she's writing a movie script. I went back and flipped through the first one, and she didn't do that there.

Second, this Ministry of Magic shit is just too much. It should be excised.

Third, I'm getting really fucking tired of keeping track of which red-shirt is alive, which is dead, and who's got a crush on who.

I will state that one point in the book came as a pleasant surprise, even though I knew what was going to happen thanks to teh intarweb: The death of Dumbledore.

I expected some shit like "Snape slowly kills Dumbledore in a dark alley and only Harry sees it go down while Snape yammers on and on about his nefarious plans and how he is a double agent for Voldymort, moo hoo ah hah hah, nobody saw THAT coming etc. etc. and then Dumbledore says something like 'if you strike me down you will only make me stronger' and then Luke yells 'no!' and Leia is all dragging him back to the millenium falcon."

What I did NOT expect was for Snape to come out on the balcony and cold bust a cap in Dumbledore's ass like one mad nigga. No purple prose, no speeches. Just Snape rollin' up like it's a gang hit and just "BOOM, MOTHAFUCKA!" and Dumbledore's all "Oh shiURK--" and Snape is like "Bitch," and gets tha fuck out.

In my mind, Snape held his wand sideways and had a blue cloth on his head. And a big gold chain round his neck.

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