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How to stop lecherous old men from staring at female workers' chests.
i_am_stillwater wrote in metaquotes

zane224 on customers_suck fills us in on what the owner's daughter does. 

M(anager/owner's daughter): "Sir, could you turn around please?"

Guy: *turns, looks M up and down, has a really creepy smirk on his face* "yea?"

M: "Tell me two things about her chest."

Guy: "her shirt says "Gilrz Rule" and she has a heart shaped locket."

M: "Okay... now without looking back, tell me two things about her face."

Guy: "Uh..... hmmm..."

M: "Mmhmm... I would have accepted nose ring, tongue ring, lip ring, eyebrow ring, blue eyes, brown hair, or dream catcher earrings.... Get out of my store now."

The whole text here.

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i cannot express how much i appreciate that.

That's so awesome. I wish my Managers in the past could have done something so cool.

err, rather the non-male manager rules. Kindly ignore my gender confusion.

(Deleted comment)
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