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seraphic_slayer has had an interesting day...

"So I'm lying on the floor, minding my own business, and I go to scratch my arse. Suddenly, I realize that I'm pulling at the drawstring of my sweatpants.

In the back.

I have my pants on backward.

So I'm lying there, giggling over my own stupidity while trying to figure out how I put my pants on backward when I hook my finger under the front of my pants as I'm about to pull the off and turn them around.

When I realize...I have my underwear on backward too.

I have my pants AND my underwear on BACKWARD.

And they've been like that for HOURS.

I can't work pants. I can't fucking work pants. This is one step away from me having be locked up somewhere while I drool into a cup. I'm surprised I could work the computer well enough to get this entry written..."

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