ɢιɗɢєт (gogogidget) wrote in metaquotes,


twinofhugin begins Talk Like a Pirate Day in an effortless swashbuckling swagger. (QWP)

Yar, what be I doing awake this early? If ye be thinkin I'n waitin for yon UPS man, ye'd be a right correct.

Accursed and blasted UPS, such a disgrace to a delivery service has a fair reputation of being most irregular with their delivery hours, arr.

Aye, I be a crazy pirate, for I spent a fair portion of yester eve and this morn ponderin' moving yon Linux SPARC pirate ship to freeBSD on SPARC, indeed. Such a rigging has many advantages, for one, yon freeBSD MAC and ACL system is fair comparable to those present on yon Linux, yet is fair easier to set up and configure.

Using yer MAC labels and yer system ACL policies, ye could create such a system where none of your dastardly daemons runs as the root user. In addition, all of yer untrustworthy users run in separated compartments with different labels, yarr.

More thought is required on this subject.
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