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Colin keeps trying to steal all of my shoes.

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sache makes a locked stream of consciousness post about the Emmys.

You know what? I don't like JJ Abrams. I think he's a hack. Quentin Tarantino should totally run up there and take the Emmy from him and, like, there can be a total geekfight on stage and it would be cool. Because he'd be all, "Take this, Motherfucker!" And JJ would be all, "Help!" And then a lot of his actors would show up yelling their names like "Victor Garber!" "Evangeline Lily" "Matthew Fox!" "Scott Speedman!" and "Keri Russell!" And the next thing you know it'd be "By Your Powers Combined, I Am Jennifer Garner!" And Jennifer Garner would get shot by Samuel L Jackson because Tarantino isn't an easily distracted idiot and doesn't put up with that shit.

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