c. (caitieness) wrote in metaquotes,

BSG, post-Flight of the Phoenix reaction

peri_peteia freaks out about the possibility of a love triangle in the new BSG episode here.

And did I mention no matter what you do no love triangle please? PLEASE?! I just...I hate seeing characters I like have to moon sadly after people who are with other people AND I HAVE A LOT OF ISSUES LEFT OVER FROM BOTH SMALLVILLE AND GILMORE GIRL'S RESPECTIVE LOVE TRIANGLES OF DOOM AND SO AT THE MERE THOUGHT OF A LOVE TRIANGLE I GET THIS HORRIBLE CLENCHING IN MY GUT AND THE DESIRE TO WAIL AND WEEP FROM AWFUL AND JUST PLEASE I CANNOT TAKE MORE!! I CAAAAAN'T! I WILL DIE IF I HAVE TO SIT THROUGH ONE MORE LOVE TRIANGLE! I mean when Ron D. Moore first mentioned Lee/Dualla in the podcast for Resistance through my WTFery was only the single question of, "OMG what is the point except to make Billy saaad?! Noooo!" Apparently, however, the point is to make Lee sad, which NOOO EVEN MORE.

And for the record, I agree

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