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Time to pop the Metaquotes cherry...

My Sempai, the ever witty faithfulmoder has just started a new job as an English teacher for a Japanese school district. Her Japanese is quite good but little did she know that she needed a minor in Junior High School Geography.

The junior high kids, when they come to the English room, are usually allowed to sit where they like. So the eight rows of desks, within one minute of class, have morphed into little islands.

There are little islands of girls off to the left, an island of boys off to the right. But in the center back lies the Archipelago of Evil, five boys whose idea of fun is hanging desks off the doorframe in the middle of class and pretending to punch the Japanese teacher.

Fortunately, the ringleader, the Honshu of Evil, seems to have taken a liking to me.

And for those of you who are a few semesters from your last skipped geography class, Honshu is the biggest and most centrally located island in Japan.

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