Scorch the Earth (altoidsaddict) wrote in metaquotes,
Scorch the Earth

Over at binky_betsy, aprilp_katje fills us in on the (frequently excessive) exposition in the comic strip For Better Or For Worse:

Elly: This is a police station!

Officer: Uh-huh. Just finished building it last year. The old station was tragically destroyed when some ugly, cigar-smoking candle salespeople built a bonfire too close to the building during their quaint satanic rituals. We had to hold a huge fundraiser to get the funds together to build this new one. In fact, we had a benefit. I dressed up as a clown and juggled. Can you believe that? A cop who juggles? And clowns? The architecture firm we hired is Boozhoo Moohaalaaallaaaaa Bizzlesnazzle, a 100% native, Ojibway-speaking firm. You agree it's important to provide employment opportunities for our first-nation folks, don't you ma'am? Why, of course you do. So I sez to my Aunt Sylvia yesterday, I sez. . . .

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