Erin (suchanadorer) wrote in metaquotes,

Poe Woe

Quoted from an F-locked post by believeitup who has just started her first days of graduate school from editting, publishing, and world domination:

Roderick Usher should have had an LJ. Can you even imagine? The teacher in this class is cool, very big on reading out loud, but my mind started to wander toward the end of the reading and this was where it went. Roderick Usher's LJ, xcracked_housex, home of incest angst, hypochondria and I TELL YOU NOW SHE STANDS WITHOUT THE DOOR! CAPSLOCK OF RAGE!

Then, comments:

livewire1007: Rrar. CAPSLOCK.

believeitup: It's even in ALL CAPS in the text. I'm telling you, he was LJ drama material. "OMG my house fell into the murky tarn and my sister died! Plz help!" with a PayPal link.

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