Christine (sandwichartist7) wrote in metaquotes,

The website, Overheard at Western, is set up for submissions of the random things students hear fellow students saying around campus, at the university I attend. 

I like to check it out from time to time and it's usually good for a giggle...

Gentlemen: the plan is working!

A car full of young guys peels out of the parking lot at a high speed, with much revving of engine and squealing of tires.

Girl: (yelling after them) Oh my God, your penis must be huge!!!!!

-- Masonville SilverCity

 ...or a jaw dropper of just how stupid some people can sound.....

Aspiring MBAs - where the "M" stands for "misogyny"

Guy #1: What the hell can you do with a degree in women's studies anyway??
Guy #2: I have no clue. Teach it?
Guy #1: What would that look like on a resume anyway? "Oh, I see here on your resume that you're a bitch!"

-- Ivey, overheard by Louis

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