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Before I rush off to work:

sky_dark always has amusing posts every morning, making her a joy to read - but this is one of her best.

Thursday is dating your daughter. You're nervous about Thursay even though it seems to be a descent day. You've heard nothing but good things about it, still, it's dating your daughter. They've never come home late, they've never smelled like beer or cigarettes. Good kid your daughter, and you really can't hold it against Thursday it's realated to Wednesday. So if this thing with Thursday and your daughter works out, how much will the wedding cost? And what will your grandkids look like? And can it arrange it so you never had to see Monday again? This might be better than expected. Maybe you should have a little talk with your daughter. Never having to see Monday again is worth something, maybe she should put out a little. Yeah, this who Thursday-in-law thing might not be so bad after all.

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