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In comments to this post, starrypop mused "Just imagine if some satanistic religious group decided to adopt the circle as their symbol."

And active_apathy imagined. It's been too long since I took geometry, so I had to blink at it a little, but... wow:

The Prophetic Siblings Of The Round Thingy. *nods* They believe the circle is the holiest thing in all existence.

Behold the first five tenets of their religion:
1. All Prophetic Siblings of the Round Thingy are equidistant from the Centre Of All Existence.
2. Given the locations of any three Prophetic Siblings, you can find the Centre Of All Existence.
3. Whatever a Prophetic Sibling encounters that is tangential to the True Religion of the Round Thingy, shall be at a right angle to the True Path to the Centre Of All Existence.
4. Regardless of page counts, all tangential teachings from external sources are equally long.
5. Pairs of Prophetic Siblings equally far from one another shall come up with teachings equally distant from the Centre Of All Existence.

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