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Okay, so after watching Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, I totally got hooked and spazzed over it. Of course, I had to go and look for a community, and thus found adventchildren_

In one of the posts, made by sumeragiskank here
the following conversation took place, regarding Sephiroth's fruitiness and his pretty ass:

obscure: Sephiroth DOES say some of the fruitiest things... of course, we're probably the only people that think so XD
I got a fantastic screen cap of Sephi's butt on accident... I was going through my caps after I did them and I was like "OMG... niiiice..."

sumeragiskank: Dude, the gay hand flailing I think said it all.

Seph: I can't simply point, I must extend my hand most gayly while saying homoerotic lines and stabbing Cloud in a big act of symbolic penetration, wee!

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