The rabid fangirl (lishia20) wrote in metaquotes,
The rabid fangirl

Long time reader, first time poster

This is part of an Rp I was doing with a person on Sages of Chaos.

Vise: Apparently. Oh, and watch out for the fangirls.

Kratos: Fangirls? I'm afraid to ask.

Vise:...Actually, the sane ones will only squeel and say hello and get all blushy and a normal fan.

It's the rabid ones you have to be careful.

See, these girls know Glomp-Fu, the art of Cutneess, Sexy no Jutsu, Harem no Jutsu, the Summoning of Mary Sues that uses spells that makes Judgement seem like a little ass-poke, and the power of making two guys going at it, ignoring their history. Plus, they tend to be in packs and talk in uncomprenhensible languages such as leet, fangirl Japanese or a mix of both.

Kratos: ...I suddenly fear for my future now.

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