Hippy Tosspot (suthnoli) wrote in metaquotes,
Hippy Tosspot

calculette (locked post, QWP) sees her school's production of Hiawatha:

It was all, "oh, and this dude gets born, and was henceforth known as Hiawatha, and hence he slayed the great grizzly of the Northeast, and killed the king of badgers, and he was really strong and stuff, and he slayed some more people, and for a Native American guy who was supposed to be all at peace with Nature he sure killed a lot of things, you know. But anyway! Insert two best bosom buddies, who are essentially living props, and a wife who dies tragically, and yea, he did roar most mightily when he saw her dead of winter, bla, bla, bla, and then he died."

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