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Juggernaut pwns you all to hell. So does Magneto.

The mighty Juggernaut, kicker of ass, visits sages_of_chaos again, embittered by the lack of his favorite breakfast food. Chaos reigns.

In a brief yet oh-so-wonderful thread quoted here more for action than dialog, Deadpool is completely pwned by the unstoppable Jugs:

wadewilson: JUGHEAD! JUG-A-LUG! NAUTY NIGHTTIME NURSE! How you doin', you slobbery hunk of monkeyspunk?

cain_marko: *punt*

wadewilson: *sails, wide right*

cain_marko *watches, amused* Field goal!

Cain rules. Other touching reunions with friends and foes abound in the OP.

In another great post, with all threads being funny, Magneto wants to know once again why people can't pronounce his name. Flatscans are openly derided, Wolverine is bashed, and plastic packing peanuts are invoked.

It's "Mag-NEET-oh," people. Sayeth not "Mag-NET-oh" else you wish to incur the considerable wrath of the Master of Magnetism.

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