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Three in one

lederhosen notices a little glitch in his work, and cerebrate responds:
lederhosen: Mixing up variable names just caused my left eyeball to expand to roughly 8x10^3 kilometres in diameter. Now I'm kinda glad Nature doesn't make that sort of mistake.
cerebrate: Heh. "Evidence found for unintelligent design."

katrinb is doing exercises from a video for pregnant women:
And the one exercise that is designed specifically to "give you the mental discipline necessary to endure the pain of labor" is a damned good way of convincing me that The Epidural Is My Friend.
(Note: No flamewars on this, please, especially not in her journal.)
Finally, kierthos wonders how long it would be "before someone writes Johnny Horton's "Battle of New Orleans"..." and by the unbreakable laws of The Internet, his commenters comply. I really couldn't choose which bit to copy-paste here, it's all powerfully done. So this is a sample only; read the whole thing.
We asked for help and the FEMA said "it's coming"
We ain't seen any rescue though that was a week ago.
We asked for help and nobody came a-runnin
And now the levee's broken and we got nowhere to go...
Ol' Shrub'ry said "Well it took us by surprise!"
And continued to keep screw'n' 'em while he looked them in the eyes.
His mother said nothing 'til she heard their tales to tell,
Then she smiled at them and said that "it's really working well!"

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