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The Snopes feed describes an email argument that has been circulating that got the 2 women invovled fired from their jobs. amyrose, puzzled about the fast escalation of insults hurled, summarizes the fight as following (above link also contains link to story on the actual email arguement if anyone is interested):

amyrose: I'm scratching my head over how that exchange escalated the way it did.

tomfinnie: They were blonde secretaries?

amyrose: Yeah, but it's bizarre. They were being nice, then suddenly it turns bitchfest:

Katrina: Who stole my sandwich!
Melinda: It's in the other refrigerator.
Katrina: Thanks.
Melinda: You are absurd and stupid.
Katrina: At least I'm not you!
Melinda: You're fat!
Katrina: Nobody loves you!
Melinda: Not true! I'm a whore!

I feel like we are missing some emails in the

francethmanor: LOL youre summation is genius. :)

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