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Potter meets Python

nidoking responds to a bit of my insanity here:

The thought of a boomstick in that class made me picture John Cleese filling that role.

"How to defend yourself against a wizard armed with a wand. First, you get him to drop the wand. Then you break the wand. You have now disarmed him and rendered him helpless. Now, come at me with that wand. No, hold it up like that and scream! Scream! *BOOM* You will note that he's dropped the wand. Now, I break the wand."
"You shot him!"
"Yes. That's how I got him to drop the wand, you namby!"
"But sir, that's what Expelliarmus is for!"
"Shut up!"
"What if he's got a pointèd stick?"

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