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More than you ever needed to know about a fellow meta.

From tmi_chix, qwp, and cut for bodily functioning, which I hear some people find offensive ;D

I derive immense pleasure from letting loose loud farts while I'm in a public bathroom. Toilets are perfect for this, the porcelain bowls reverberate nicely. Especially when the only other women in the bathroom are the "teehee, women don't poop! I'm here to powder my nose" variety.

The way they recoil in horror from me when I approach the sink just makes my day that much brighter. My gas tends to be not very smelly, though profuse, and I have a thunderous rectum. I'd take stinky ninja farts any day, but at least I've got flair.

edit: Silly me! Forgetting to give credit where it's due. The above was said by the ever-lovely and slightly overly informative maladaptive!

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