Kerry (kerrypolka) wrote in metaquotes,

me hubba zoot!

I'm totally breaking the rules as this is on a message board, not LJ, but the forté of comedy has always been in envelope-pushing and line-crossing, so here I am, and here it is:

Poster SolGrundy said in a thread about "Han shot first!" and SW morality:

"So the only "moral" thing to do would've been to kill in self-defense? That means that Obi-Wan is now more of a bad-ass than Han Solo, because he cut down the guys in the bar just for threatening Luke; IIRC they didn't even have their guns drawn. And Princess Leia is the most bad-ass rogue in the galaxy, because she strangled Jabba the Hutt to death for doing nothing more than being fat and gross and putting her in a skimpy outfit. If that's grounds for killing someone, then Carrie Fisher should've had just cause for strangling George Lucas."

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