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A Lesson: Why "fuck you" is OK and "asshat" is not.

The following takes place in petbulls:

_bizzle: calling someone an asshat, really, only makes YOU look uneducated. asses can't wear hats.
katitious: And telling someone "fuck you" is any better than calling someone an asshat? That's ironic.
_bizzle: well, it is actually possible to fuck someone; while, as i mentioned earlier, asses can't wear hats.

Context: _bizzle gets upset after being told she will find no sympathy for her irresponsible actions and says "fuck you" to rottnpagan. In a response to _bizzle, rottnpagan then calls her an "asshat." That's where we get the lovely lesson as to why "fuck you" is OK but "asshat" is not.

The entire "discussion" can be found here. It's worth a gander. Especially when rottnpagan decides to show _bizzle that asses really can wear hats...
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