Catie (catystorm) wrote in metaquotes,

Seen over in fandomtownies; the city outside of fandomhigh

Jayne versus Hurley!

jayne_serenity: At least I dont look like Im carrying around twice my own body weight in dumnb and fat.

thehurleyabides *pushes Jayne*

This weight will crush you, little boy dude.

jayne_serenity: *shoves him back, having about the same bodyweight, but most of it in muscle*

get off me dough boy

thehurleyabides:*knees Jayne in the gut*

This fat's padding, little dude. Gonna have to try harder then that.

jayne_serenity: *hits him in the jaw, intending to knock him out with little damage*

thehurleyabides: *bloody lip*

Dude, that one hurt. I used to know kung fu...

*does crane kick*

Ralph Macchio is my hero, dude!

jayne_serenity: *blocks it easily, as his cell phone goes off*

gorram it SHeldon....

thehurleyabides: *tosses alcohol on Jayne and runs away*

Last word! Last word!

Okay, it made *me* laugh hysterically. Have I mentioned my undying love for fandomhigh?

Found here.

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