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Networking: Find copperwise a job!

copperwise is thinking she needs a new job and puts out feelers on LJ here:
Since I'm job hunting I thought I should set down some concrete goals.

I'm thinking I'd like a job that looks really good on a resume for later speaking engagements; something where I can fill all of the executive offices with my friends without regard to qualification or integrity; something with a bully pulpit to force my views across; something where some of my employers are willing to hire me simply because we share similar religous views; something where I can drive the company into the ground willy nilly; something where I can repeatedly be caught in blatant lies and still have the full support of half my employers, and where that half is willing to go to bat for me with the unhappy half; something where I can have complete disregard for more than half of my employers needs but as long as I keep the more powerful employers happy I can coast.

I'd like to make about $400,000 a year. Any leads would be appreciated.

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