Lanna Michaels (lannamichaels) wrote in metaquotes,
Lanna Michaels

The Blame Game

plaidder has some thoughts on the "blame game".

Blaming is what you do when you have to explain why you showed up late to work. It's what happens when your mother finds the broken lamp and wants to know who was playing ball in the house. You blame people for not using their turn signals properly, or for causing the toilet to back up, or for dumping you for someone else. You blame people for something that you suspect you might have responsibility for; or for something that pisses you off, but is not a major trauma.

That's why 'blame game' is everyone's new favorite rhyming slogan--because it trivializes everything. You can't even say 'blame game' without sounding like a child. "Blame game, blame game, let's play the blame game! La la la la la la!"

This is not a game. The dead do not come back. Suffering cannot be undone. There are no do-overs.

This is not a game. It is a crime. So I do not blame.

I accuse.

I accuse George W. Bush, along with every high-ranking member of his administration, of parlaying the tragedy of September 11 into a massive con game whereby, over the course of four years, they robbed us of our freedoms, our money, and our soliders in the name of security, without doing a single thing that would actually make us safer.

I accuse George W. Bush, along with every high-ranking member of his administration, of treating the federal government as if it were their private treasury, looting the money that would have gone for things like infrastructure, levee repair, FEMA, and REAL homeland security, and shoveling it into the maws of their rich friends, including and especially the good people of Halliburton.

I accuse George W. Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, Condi Rice, and Dick Cheney of fabricating threats to America in order to serve their own purposes and line their own wallets, while diverting toward these imaginary threats resources which we now desperately need and no longer have.

I accuse George W. Bush of filling the ranks of our federal government with incompetent, toadying, corrupt sycophants whose only job qualifications are having contributed to Bush's campaigns and having been willing to hang out with him and pretend to be his friends, and who have approached their jobs the way Roman provincial governors approached theirs, plundering what they could before returning to private life.

I accuse these incompetent, toadying, corrupt sycophants of a collective, complete, and criminal disregard for the welfare of the people whose tax money pays their salaries.

I accuse George W. Bush, Karl Rove, and the Republican Party for which they stand of fostering a national climate that is destructive to any idea of the public good, and which has deliberately increased and exploited the peculiar selfishness that underwrites neoconservative domestic policy, whereby no individual should be expected to give up a single dollar to help anyone else, but each individual citizen is expected to 'own' all of the services that a government would otherwise provide, including the means of escaping from a cataclysmic natural disaster.

I accuse George W. Bush, along with every other high-ranking member of his administration, of a criminal and borderline psychotic refusal to accept responsibility for the country that they govern, or to even recognize the existence of the vast ocean of human suffering into which their actions, and their failure to act, have plunged their fellow-Americans.

I accuse George W. Bush of demonstrating a lack of urgency throughout this crisis which shows him to be either incapable of understanding its gravity, or morally insane.

I accuse George W. Bush, along with every high-ranking member of his administration, of being enemies of the public good and the security of the homeland, and demand their resignations, or, failing that, their immediate removal as both undeserving of their positions of power and entirely unfit for command.


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