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In a discussion over in mock_the_stupid, the subject of spoilerrific icons came up. I posted a comment warning the OP to beware of the flame war from the HBP spoiler that is the icon used.

This thread was part of the spawn.

peppervl: That's like when Troy was just coming out and one of my friends was listening to the song from the soundtrack that's called "The Death of Hector" or something. So it appeared in the music section of her post.

She got reamed for spoiling things.

Now, granted, the movie hadn't been out for a month yet, but The Illiad was written how many thousands of years ago again? I didn't know it was possible to spoil something that was that years old. Apparently I was wrong.

alaitallon: Not to mention even when Homer told the story, everyone knew the ending already, too. So even THEN it wasn't a spoiler. Though I'd totally love to see the Greeks go crazy over some Greek writing on a vase, "LOLOLOLOL!!! HECTOR DIES IN BOOK XXII!!!!"

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