I've got freedom, I've got second sight (kethlenda) wrote in metaquotes,
I've got freedom, I've got second sight

False advertising? Only if you're quick with the anagrams...

In this post in customers_suck, penguinbeatz was working in an arcade when a crazy lady came in and, upon discovering that the arcade's proceeds were not going to the hurricane relief effort, accused her of false advertising. penguinbeatz' comment:

So, seriously, wtf. How did we advertise anything? How are we tricking people into donating money? THE ONLY TWO SIGNS WE HAVE IN THE STORE SAY "EMPLOYEES ONLY" AND "NO FOOD OR DRINK"

To which nadmonk replied:

Ah yes! But if you take some of the letters from "EMPLOYEES ONLY" and "NO FOOD OR DRINK" and rearrange them you get:

money for n orleens plood

Which is alot like: Money for N. Orleans Flood

So clearly that's a statement that your procedes will go to the flood victims!

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