Sometimes You Get Marshmallows (florahart) wrote in metaquotes,
Sometimes You Get Marshmallows

Conversation took place in my LJ, but isn't by me. :)

Context: For various reasons, a couple of days ago, I suggested "plert" as a new informal term for female genitalia because lots of folks seem to be unfond of the existing common choices.

Today I posted this link to a product for women to use to pee standing up (even while dressed), which came to me from gmail's timely and relevant links.

This exchange followed:

la_rainette: Wow. And how are you supposed to put and hold the thing in place? I mean -- it's hard to access your, erm, plert area without taking your clothes off in the first place, isn't?

phreid: I would never pretend to be an explert, so I direct you to the site's convenient diagrams.

rainette: *dies*

phreid: *nod* Being male and having never been the subject of a sex-change operation, I am neither an plert expert nor an ex-plert.

linky, though there's not (so far) any more funny to see there.

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