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From livejournal_uk, on Spiders

kizx3 posted about her first successful spider killing, and the comments that ensued are most amusing:

copycatkiller: Of course, you DO realise it's family will come back to avenge it when you're asleep...

perviepom: Spiders keep your house clean, in terms of bugs, they're the daddy.

(And in reply to that, we had...)

l_i_s_a: yeah so do cleaning ladies, but if she crawled on my bed in the night i'd batter the shit outta her too.

eiren: I reported you to PETA, they'll be around to smash up your house ASAP.

paul: For extra efficiency - light the hairspray. Just make sure whatever the spider is on isn't flammable...

air_bizkit: I use the hoover.


It's also funny watching them trying to hang on to the wall, then.....*zzzZOOOM!------>* up the pipe to dusty death.

bruisedegomania: I hope an army of spiders comes to lay eggs in your brain.

The whole entry, here, is worth reading.

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