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caroline31 makes a "you know you're a student of social work when..." list.

1) You go to a comedy night and feel offended for all the minority ethnic groups you're not even a part of!

2) You refuse to participate in cheers because you consider them to be inciting hatred against an identifiable group (aka Ottawa U) and therefore not free speech under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

3) You go to Monte Carlo night at the pub and even though it's not real money, you think about all the evils gambling has wrought on society.

4) You refuse to buy your books at the campus bookstore cause it's a TOOL OF THE MAN, MAN!!!! Instead you buy them at the feminist bookstore. Or the student-run used bookstore.

5) You are boycotting the cardio room in the fitness centre because they charge an additional $75 membership fee on top of the $70 athletics fee we already paid! Besides, the free weight room is just as good.

6) You point out to all and sundry that Rooster's serves fair trade coffee and tea, as opposed to the Starbucks and Tim's coffee here, which PROBABLY HAS THE BONES OF THE CHILD LABOURERS WHO HARVESTED IT GROUND UP WITH THE BEANS! ...Except you don't actually drink coffee. But if you did, oh, if you did!

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